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August 2020

3Rs Construction Super Star for August 2020 Will


Past Recipients

JULY 2020

Jan, 3Rs Construction July Super Star

JUNE 2020

Carl 3Rs Construction June 2020 Super Star

MAY 2020

Alex 3Rs Construction May Super Star

APRIL 2020

Adam 3Rs Construction April Super Star

MARCH 2020

3Rs Construction Super Star January 2109 Janell

FEB 2020

Michael 3Rs February 2020 Super Star of the Month

JAN 2020

3Rs Super Star of the Month Justin January 2020

DEC 2019

3Rs Super Star of the Month Tamara, December 2019

NOV 2019

November 2019 3Rs Construction Super Star - Adam

OCT 2019

3Rs Construction Super Star October 2019 Michael

SEPT 2019

3Rs Construction Super Star Sept 2019 Jeff

AUG 2019

3Rs Construction Super Star August 2019



3Rs Construction's Shooting Star of the Year 2019



A Little About Duane

Duane is a native Oregonian and loves to spend time with family and friends. He's very proud of the 3Rs team and the opportunity to help people. When Duane's not working, he's spending time with his grandkids!



A Little About Cathe

Cathe loves her family! And that's not limited to her children. Everyone at 3Rs is part of the family too. Cathe is a diligent worker and fun-loving mom. She's a big fan of Elvis, feeding people, and hanging out with her grandkids.


Project Manager

A Little About Jeff

Family is Jeff's pride and joy! In fact, watching his kids participate in sports is one of his favorite things to do. Like other native Oregonians, he loves a good BBQ, especially ribs. If he's going to watch a movie, you can bet he'll choose Die Hard



A Little About Melissa

Melissa has raised five boys, loves to craft and work on her family genealogy. She has only been in Oregon a few years but has found lots of places to hike and discover beautiful places. Someday she hopes to travel to Israel and RV through the United States.


Administrative Assistant

A Little About Michael

Michael finds great joy in photography and music. In fact, he has a growing vinyl album collection! Michael has lived in Oregon his whole life, but has a rich Russian heritage.  If there's a Ramen pop-up in town, you‘ll probably find him there savoring the flavors!


Executive Assistant

A Little About Janell

You'll find Snoopy at Janell's desk to keep her company while she writes and communicates. She is creative and friendly, which makes her a good fit for social media at 3Rs. Janell is a native Oregonian who loves to look for old treasures at local estate sales. 



A Little About Jan

Reading, crafting, and decorating are just a few of Jan's favorite things to do. She is a native Oregonian and wants to visit Iceland. Since she also loves the BBC version of "Persuasion", a Jane Austen tour through England is also on her wish list.



A Little About Kaylee

Kaylee says her favorite pastime is spending time with her husband and dog. She is a native Oregonian that enjoys a warm and tropical vacation spot. Visiting with people makes her a great fit as our 3Rs Friday receptionist.


Inventory Control Specialist

A Little About William

William is an honest and loyal friend and he brings those same qualities with him to 3Rs Construction. He has a musical talent and enjoys playing guitar and piano during his free time. William says he loves German food and someday hopes to travel through Europe. 


Field Technician

A Little About Adam

Adam is an outdoors man that loves puff pastry! He’ll always great you with a smile and takes great pride in a job well-done. It’s the simple things in life that bring him joy, like spending time with his family and peaceful time at home.


Field Technician

A Little About Carl

Carl has lived in Oregon for 24 years and loves to hunt. Someday he hopes to hunt in Alaska! He's a proud dad, likes to be creative and spend time outdoors. Carl comes to 3Rs with a smile and a love for finish carpentry. 



Field Technician

A Little About Alex

Alex takes pride in his work and family, and those are excellent qualities for our 3Rs team! For fun, he likes fishing and adding to his WWII collection. Someday Alex hopes to own his own home and visit Germany




Field Technician

A Little About Trey

Trey is easy-going, likes to hang out with friends and family, and says that his grandfather is a big inspiration in his life. If Trey is going to pick a movie to watch, it would be any of the James Bond series! He dreams of a vacation in Iceland, but for now love to get out to Wallery’s Pizza!


Field Technician

A Little About Jedidiah

Jed is an adventurer that loves the outdoors. He has a keen eye for photography and loves to take pictures when he’s out hiking. He definitely has unique taste in candy, because Sour Patch Kids are his favorite! With his positive attitude, he makes a great part of the 3Rs team!


Field Technician

A Little About David

David is a native Oregonian and enjoys being outside in his yard. He loves to work with wood and values the things he learned from his father, like dedication and honesty. That makes him a great team member for 3Rs! David also enjoys having a tasty rib eye steak and an occasional treat of Almond Roca.

Remy & Leo

Official Mascots

A Little About Remy & Leo

Remy & Leo love to visit the 3Rs office! They know there will be lots of head scratches and attention. Leo is a steady, reliable pet while Remy usually thinks he is the most important. Their favorite part of the day is when the UPS man comes with doggy treats! 

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