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November 2018







A Little About Duane

Duane is a native Oregonian and loves to spend time with family and friends. He's very proud of the 3Rs team and the opportunity to help people. When Duane's not working, he's spending time with his grandkids!



A Little About Cathe

Cathe loves her family! And that's not limited to her children. Everyone at 3Rs is part of the family too. Cathe is a diligent worker and fun-loving mom. She's a big fan of Elvis, feeding people, and hanging out with her grandkids.


Project Manager

A Little About Jeff

Family is Jeff's pride and joy! In fact, watching his kids participate in sports is one of his favorite things to do. Like other native Oregonians, he loves a good BBQ, especially ribs. If he's going to watch a movie, you can bet he'll choose Die Hard


Office Manager

A Little About Tamara

Tamara loves helping people! She has raised three boys and has a degree in accounting. These attributes make her a great office manager for 3Rs. When she's not at the office, Tamara spends time crafting and dreaming about a vacation to Hawaii!


Administrative Assistant

A Little About Michael

Michael finds great joy in photography and music. In fact, he has a growing vinyl album collection! Michael has lived in Oregon his whole life, but has a rich Russian heritage.  If there's a Ramen pop-up in town, you‘ll probably find him there savoring the flavors!


Executive Assistant

A Little About Janell

You'll find Snoopy at Janell's desk to keep her company while she writes and communicates. She is creative and friendly, which makes her a good fit for social media at 3Rs. Janell is a native Oregonian who loves to look for old treasures at local estate sales. 


Field Manager

A Little About Ken

Next to his kids, the thing Ken loves most is to hunt! He is a kind and understanding person who enjoys helping our 3Rs customers. Ken has lived in Oregon for 30 years and thinks Colorado would be a great place to vacation. (Probably to go hunting!)


Field Technician

A Little About James

James gets along great with family and friends and really enjoys meeting new 3Rs customers. Since James always wanted to be a professional baseball player with the MLB, it makes sense that his favorite movie is Bench Warmers. 


Inventory Control Specialist

A Little About William

William is an honest and loyal friend and he brings those same qualities with him to 3Rs Construction. He has a musical talent and enjoys playing guitar and piano during his free time. William says he loves German food and someday hopes to travel through Europe. 


Field Technician

A Little About Jessika

It's a good thing Jessika's favorite food is bacon-wrapped anything because here at 3Rs, bacon is always part of our team breakfasts! Jessica is a strong, determined mom who applies those qualities to her work. Her fun ambition extends to her desire to try skydiving and someday visit Rome.


Field Technician

A Little About Levi

Levi is known for being dedicated and reliable; qualities that he perfected as a U.S. Marine. Here at 3Rs, we appreciate his conscientious work. On his down time, you'll find Levi working on his 1960's GM trucks. If he really wants a break, a cabin in the woods would be just right!

Remy & Leo

Official Mascots

A Little About Remy & Leo

Remy & Leo love to visit the 3Rs office! They know there will be lots of head scratches and attention. Leo is a steady, reliable pet while Remy usually thinks he is the most important. Their favorite part of the day is when the UPS man comes with doggy treats! They are two happy pups!

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