Trick or Treat Home Safety


Before the big candy day arrives, take a little time to make sure you have a safe and welcoming front entry for the kids. While fall is a beautiful time of year, Halloween does come with a few unique safety concerns to keep in mind.


Safely Welcome Halloween Visitors!

If you live in a neighborhood that gets lots of costumed trick-or-treaters, you’ll want to prepare your home for their arrival.


Here’s the 3Rs Construction Checklist for Front Entry Safety!

  1. Pick up lawn and garden debris from walkways and steps.
  2. Make sure your front outdoor lights have working bulbs.
  3. Check porch steps for any loose boards.
  4. Repair hand rails that might need attention.
  5. String lights should be in good condition with no frayed cords or broken bulbs
  6. Extension cords used for lights or other mechanical decorations should be out of the way so that they are not a tripping hazard.
  7. Test your door bell to see that it works or attach a new decorative knocker.
  8. Hose off your welcome mat so that it looks its best. Better yet, get a new one if it has curled or frayed edges.
  9. Make sure kids in costumes have room to move around at your front door.
  10. Don’t leave pumpkins with candles burning unattended! Try LED candles for added safety.


3Rs QUIET TIP:  Just want to have a quiet evening at home and you don't want trick-or-treaters at your door? Turn off your front porch light and/or put a “do not disturb” note on the door.

Plan Ahead With 3Rs Construction

If your front porch needs repair or remodel, contact 3Rs Construction before family and friends come for holiday celebrations. Estimates are free and our hope is that we can be your trusted contractor for all your home maintenance needs.

Front entry updates could include:

  • Electrical for extra lighting
  • Adding ramps for wheelchair access
  • Concrete slabs or steps
  • Dry rot repair
  • Rail replacement
  • New doors or windows
  • Masonry additions or repair
  • Extended roof line or door cover

Enjoy this beautiful Oregon fall and winter. 3Rs Construction & Remodeling hopes you’ll be building lots of happy memories in your home this season with lots of treats and no tricks!

3Rs Construction Safe Halloween Front Entry


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