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3Rs Construction at IBS 2019 Kitchen Review

Reviewing the Beauty We Found for Your Kitchen Remodel


The 2019 International Builder’s Show was in Las Vegas this February. We were excited to attend and see the latest news in home building. With our 3Rs Construction Travel Log, we’ll share with you the thousands of ideas, products, tips, and best practices that were on display. Here we go on kitchens!

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Kitchen Cabinet Color


Woodgrain cabinets are a classic staple in kitchen design. An assortment of stain color is still available but will vary with the style you prefer. We found that mid-century kitchen cabinets tend to be light and simple, while formal cabinets were dark and ornate.

By far, white cabinets outnumbered any other. Shaker style continues to be a favorite and is a great choice for any kitchen remodel. Its classic lines fit a variety of design styles. What’s new with white cabinets is unique embellishments. If you are purchasing custom kitchen cabinets, be creative with door inserts, geometric designs, dimension, texture, and assorted door sizes. If prefabricated cabinets are your choice, dress them up with unique pulls and knobs.

Other colors were harder to find this year, but we did see color in some lowers or small sections of uppers. Blue is still a great choice, along with green, grey, and ivory. Neutral is key! Having a neutral palette will allow you to add accessories with any beautiful color, and then easily change them when you want something different.

3Rs at IBS review of white kitchen cabinets
3Rs at IBS Kitchen Cabinet color and dimension
3Rs at IBS kitchen cabinet style review

Kitchen Cabinet Alternative


As the Millennial generation begins to take on home ownership, minimal design is becoming more popular. One of the hot looks in kitchen design is open shelving. It actually works well in both farmhouse style and contemporary homes!

If you are a collector, it probably won’t be a great alternative for you. On the other hand, minimal living usually includes a small set of simple dishes that will look great on display!

Most display kitchens had classic lower cabinets with a mixture of open and enclosed uppers. Open shelves looked fabulous when they were mounted on a wall with the backsplash extended up to the ceiling. After all, why cover up a beautiful tile backsplash?


Kitchen Sinks and Faucets


Don’t ignore the kitchen sink! Even though the variety is endless, the farmhouse sink is still predominant. The twist is, it isn’t just white anymore. It could be found as stainless, copper, textured, and assorted colors and finishes.

Kitchen faucets have been getting more and more multifunctional and easy to use. From touch on/off features, temperature controls, and spray options, your kitchen faucet can pretty much be what you want it to be.

We saw a lot of gold and copper finishes, but chrome, statin, and bronze are just a fraction of what’s available. It’s exciting to see the use of mixed metals. Just because you have stainless appliances doesn’t mean you need to have a brushed chrome faucet. Spice it up with a shiny bright gold-tone fixture, along with dark cabinet hardware. Find out what looks good together by visiting your local hardware store and putting a few items together. Add your own personal style to the remodel of your kitchen!

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3Rs at IBS review of open kitchen shelves
3Rs at IBS Kitchen Sink Review
3Rs at IBS review kitchen range hood

Kitchen Range Hoods


If ever there was a new hot item, it is in range hoods. Several vendors displayed beautiful, unique hoods that were works of art! Just as a living room centerpiece can be a grand fireplace and mantel, now the kitchen centerpiece is the range hood.

It’s not unusual for the stove venting to be built into beautiful custom cabinetry. But now, consider an architectural hood made with copper, black metal, rich colors, and chrome trim. Local metal artisans can design fantastic hoods or you can find something at larger appliance stores. You may need to place a special order. Remember to plan ahead so that it fits in your cabinet design. What a great way to personalize your kitchen remodel!

3Rs at IBS review of Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Surfaces


Countertops and backsplashes haven’t seen a huge change, but there is an ever-growing variety of colors. Marble, granite, and quartz are still popular. Laminate has definitely grown in quality and variety as well so don't overlook it as an option in your kitchen remodel.

A growing look at the show was backsplashes that extended up the wall to the ceiling line. Whether it was an extension of the countertop or a tiled wall, this grand feature gave the kitchen a very elegant look.

The other growing trend is the “waterfall” countertop that continues from the top surface over the edge and down to the floor. If you are designing a kitchen island or have an exposed counter end, this application is a great look. It works with whatever surface material you choose to use.

Kitchen Accessories


Treat yourself to the right accessories. If you’re going to invest in a kitchen remodel, you should make it look it’s best! Put away the clutter, the extra appliances, and the old spice rack. Clear countertops will make your kitchen shine! Add a few special pieces like coordinating vases, potted herbs, or vintage cookbooks. You’ll love the final look!

3Rs at IBS Kitchen Accessories Review

Kitchen Remodel


Are you inspired by our kitchen findings at the International Builders’ Show? We’d love to help you get the kitchen of your dreams! 3Rs Construction & Remodeling can help you with your design ideas and work within your budget. It’s easy! Just give us a call and we’ll set up an appointment. Call 503-363-1059 or use our convenient contact form.

3Rs at IBS Kitchen Faucet Review
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