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3Rs Construction & Remodeling is pleased to be a part of the Salem and Willamette Valley business area and know that being part of the community means supporting the good things that happen here. That’s why we share them with YOU, our 3Rs family.

3Rs Construction Salem Oregon Lunch with CCSRecently, 3Rs Construction was invited to attend a very special lunch hosted by Catholic Community Services here in Salem, Oregon. They were highlighting their work in a program called I Work We Succeed. Its focus is to match local employers with employees that have intellectual disabilities. The concept and program is wonderful in that it gives dignity to people who don’t often find it.

3Rs Construction Salem OR Lunch with CCSOur yummy lunch started with a little go-round the room, sharing memories of our first jobs. We’ve all got them; picking berries, fast food, construction, farm labor, etc. Jobs not only gave us money to spend but supplied purpose and helped us to learn new skills. Being employed provides a sense of being needed and belonging. That’s something all humans seem to thrive on.

Now imagine that you have intellectual barriers to overcome. The desire to work and belong is still there but it’s hard to find the right place. That’s where Catholic Community Services (CCS) comes in. The program, I Work We Succeed, is designed to give that special needs person the dignity they deserve by helping them to find satisfying employment.

3Rs Construction Salem Oregon lunch with IWWS

It’s important to understand that full-time work isn’t necessary. A few hours a week goes a long way to making an individual feel like they are making a contribution to something meaningful.

Every employer has unique and specialized needs. That goes for us at 3Rs Construction & Remodeling too. How do you know if you have work for someone with intellectual disabilities? CCS can help you determine if they can provide an employee to make your business more efficient and profitable. Employment Specialists can come to your business to evaluate the potential for a good employee fit.

3R Construction at IWWS Lunch

We were told about Ross, a gentleman who was employed by and benefited a local Salem restaurant. Ross bused tables for a few hours each Friday during the busy lunch rush. It was a “win-win” for both parties. Ross says that, “Everyone should have the opportunity to work”.  – Yes indeed!

Does I Work We Succeed sound interesting?
CCS would love to hear from you if:

  • you think your business could benefit from a CCS employee match.
  • you would like to make a contribution.
  • you would like to be a part of the CCS team.

Please contact CCS online for more information:

Thank you Catholic Community Services for the good work you do in the Salem area! We wish you continued success.


If you would like more information about the work and contracting services of 3Rs Construction & Remodeling, please visit our website 3RsConstruction.com or give us a call: 503-363-1059.


By Janell Schomus for 3Rs Construction & Remodeling

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