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3Rs Construction Salem Oregon Rescues Shadow

Repair, Remodel, Remediation ......and Rescue?

This week we met Shadow, a dog of significant personality! Despite his inclination to be naughty, Shadow brings lots of joy to his guardian Karen. She says that Shadow loves to hunt and chase little critters and gets into people-food when it’s left unattended. One time he ate most of a 9 x 11 pan of brownies. Oh, that little rascal! He must have had quite a tummy ache. Apparently he’ll drink any kind of coffee right out of your mug if you’re not looking! If he doesn’t get to drink your coffee, he’ll run to the bathroom, jump in the tub, and whine for water.

This Wednesday morning, Shadow was living up to his reputation and decided to chase something under a building. Unfortunately, it was in the wee hours of the morning and he wouldn’t come out.

That’s where 3Rs comes in, (or shall we say, “4Rs”?)

Exasperated, Karen called her friend Duane West, owner of 3Rs Construction. Shadow appeared to be stuck and couldn't get out. What’s a person to do when your headstrong little dog gets in a tight spot under a building? Since Duane loves to help and has a soft spot in his heart for pets, he rallied his 3Rs crew to rescue Shadow first thing in the morning.

This is how it all went down according to Karen’s Facebook post Wednesday morning:

  • 5 am
  • Let 3 dogs out.
  • 5 Minutes later 2 at the door.
  • I hear muffled barking.
  • It's coming from under the most narrow spot of the shed. I can't get the dog out.
  • I call the rescue squad.
  • Success!
  • Can anyone guess which dog??
  • Anyone who knows my dogs--Bet it's a difficult guess.?? ? ?
  • Thank you. 3 R's CONSTRUCTION!!!!!

We love a happy ending! Thanks to our 3Rs team of Adam, Dom, and Micah for going above and beyond the call of duty to rescue Shadow and help a dear friend. Hopefully, Shadow has learned his lesson about being so mischievous… but it’s doubtful!

If you need to be rescued from your home Repair, Remodeling, or Remediation project, 3Rs Construction is the contractor in the Salem area you can trust. Call us for a free estimate at 503-363-1059 or use our website contact page.

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3Rs Construction Salem Oregon Rescues Shadow

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