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   They have always responded quickly.

Their CEO even fixed a broken pipe gushing in my front yard on Father's Day!!

I appreciate their honesty and ethics.

 I would recommend them in a heartbeat!!!   ” 


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All labor is warranted for one year. Materials all have manufacture warranties ranging 30 days to 30 years depending on the product.

The goal of our entire team revolves around making you happy. When you have been in business as long as we have you learn the value of great service and reliable people.

We want you to be satisfied and we are delighted when you are impressed enough to tell your friends about us. That is a business model that works!

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Preparing for Bathroom Renovation & Remodeling in Polk or Marion County

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The bathroom is the room in your home that you use the most, and it is this room that you most frequently notice the aesthetic qualities and decorative style. So, when it is time to remodel or renovate the bathroom, you will want to have a well-thought-out plan in place and know how best to…

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Hiring the Best Bathroom Remodel Contractor

By 3Rs | May 12, 2022

A bathroom remodel may be one of the most satisfying home improvement projects there is. If the remodel is done competently, it will bring about a whole new aesthetic quality, improve functionality, and boost your home’s resale value. What’s more, remodeling your bathroom could immediately impact your quality of life and instantly elevate your home’s…

Preparing for a Kitchen Renovation or Remodel in Polk or Marion County

By 3Rs | April 28, 2022

When you look at your kitchen and see ragged cabinets, outdated appliances, and drab flooring, you may decide that it is finally time for a kitchen remodel. But it may not seem obvious what steps you should take next to prepare for this type of home improvement project. There is no denying that kitchen remodels…

Best Upgrades to Improve Your Home Value

By 3Rs | April 20, 2022

With the current conditions of the real estate market – punctuated by a meager inventory of homes and skyrocketing prices – more than 60% of homeowners who are in the market are upgrading various rooms in their homes instead of purchasing a new house. Savvy homeowners have discovered the benefits of renovating their houses instead…